Blockchain Association of Africa

Uniting African Innovations in Blockchain, Providing a Gateway for International Investments in Africa, Forging Partnership with both Government and Private Sector to Empower and Educate the Continent

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Blockchain Association of Africa

Blockchain Association of Africa is based in South Africa, Uganda and Nigeria. It has partners in Zambia, Dubai, Ghana, Kuwait, Namibia, Zimbabwe,India, Kenya, and Botswana. We aim to equip each and every stakeholder with the best Blockchain education, acumen and tools to shape Africa’s future. The Association regularly brings blockchain stakeholders together in various African cities to educate...
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Our Objectives

Develop and educate strong African Blockchain communities
Promote and incubate African Blockchain start-ups
Build strategic and mutually beneficial relationships with international partners
Attract foreign investments into African projects
Support, Promote and represent it's member projects and initiatives
Conduct Blockchain awareness campaigns such as roadshows and conferences across the continent
Build local expertise through capacity building and provide research facilities to members


Train the Trainer in Blockhain

The Blockchain Association of Africa focuses on delivering Blockchain projects geared to impact the learners in Africa. For this cause, we have designed a model known as Train the trainers in Blockchain programme as a startup towards achieving the goal of reaching 1 Million People.

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Blockchain Hackathon

It's the ultimate event for learning/hacking/networking with your peers from the crypto community. You are an expert or beginner with interest in Bitcoin, Ethereum or other blockchain projects BAA Hackathon is the event you really don't want to miss. You will have fun building stuff...

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The course is meant for individuals evaluating the option of being an entrepreneur or have decided to be an entrepreneur or are in the early stage of their Blockchain Startup Venture. The Workshop covers setting up a company to sell blockchain enabled (Product or software, retail shops, restaurants...

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Our Partners


Lawrence Monyahi Director of Compliance & Fundraising ( South Africa )
Naveen raj Challa Managing Director ( South Africa )
Phillip Kaita Director Education & Training( Uganda )
Monica Khoza Administrator ( South Africa )
Zulekha Cara Organizer SADC - Advisor
Shireen Ramjoo Member : South Africa
Ms.Narissa Subramoney Director a Media and Public Relations
Alakanani Iterileng Member ( Botswana )

Our Members

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Is blockchain the financial tool of the future?
How blockchain technology can benefit Africa’s emerging market?
Which Sectors can Benefit from Blockchain?

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