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20th-21st June 2019

The congress aims to trigger startups, corporates, local and global investors to eye Africa as home to fintech and related verticals’ ecosystem on the continent

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- Blockchain Association of Africa

Blockchain Association of Africa is based in South Africa, Uganda and Nigeria. It has partners in Zambia, Dubai, Ghana, Kuwait, Namibia, Zimbabwe,India, Kenya, and Botswana. We aim to equip each and every stakeholder with the best Blockchain education, acumen and tools to shape Africa’s future. The Association regularly brings blockchain stakeholders together in various African cities to educate, provide advisory and training services as well as building the largest community of blockchain enthusiasts on the continent.

Ready Steady GO

We know startups are behind some of the brightest, most forward-thinking ideas today. Chosen applicants are invited to attend the Africa Blockchain Congress 2019 in Capetown and compete for the opportunity to win awards for each of the blockchain use cases along with seed grants from the government and venture capitalists.

Day 02

The Student Workshop

This is a one-day workshop conducted for students on the theme ‘Understanding Blockchain’ that is designed to take the students through the world of blockchain technologies, its applications and opportunities. There will be keynote talks, use-case presentations, demos, hackathon opportunities, and academic startup challenge.

Day 02

International Remittance Challenge
is Social Security Token the Answer

International remittance is very time consuming process as it goes through multiple banks which undertake reconciliation processes for transfer among them. The process is expensive for the banks, exchange companies and central banks which act as intermediaries. Customers have to pay very high commission charges. We are launching a Blockchain based solution for person to person remittance transfer though unregulated but through a trustworthy and robust system which reduces the cost of operation and commission charges.

- Our Members

  • Mwezi Exchange
  • Essence Crypto
  • Freo Foundation
    South Africa
  • Blockchain Solutions Africa
  • Santoshi Centre
  • Africa Trade Network
    South Africa
  • Liquid Crypto Money
    South Africa
  • Kaybabs Consult
  • Social Security

- Delegates Point of Members

My company has heard a lot about Crypto Currencies and Blockchain through many mediums, but we look forward to attending this prestigious event in South Africa, so we get first hand experience and information on what blockchain can do in Africa .

Tebogo Valencia ModisagapeCEO & Founder - Val Interiors

I really believe that the Blockchain Association of Africa is a revolutionay step towards bringing the African countries closer together in trade and this will help in increasing the GDP of all countries using the blockchain technology to enhance business operations.

Apollo SegawaManaging Director - CURAD

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- Social Security White Paper

African Opportunity

One of the ICO Launches at the Africa Blockchain Congress is the Social Security ICO , in South Africa.We will see a new era in the African Blockchain Community, where this peer to peer crypto currency will bring together all citizens in Africa to network with each other and share an social economy second to none, get ready to invest and buy your share of Social Security Coins, as there are limited.

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