Blockchain Hackathon

It's the ultimate event for learning/hacking/networking with your peers from the crypto community. You are an expert or beginner with interest in Bitcoin, Ethereum or other blockchain projects BAA Hackathon is the event you really don't want to miss. You will have fun building stuff (there will be swag too) And if you are a newbie, don't panic! some of the best technical experts in the blockchain realm will be there to help you build your project. Come as you are !

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Digital Healthcare Hackathon

The first hackathon to focus on the intersection of pharma and digital health. Multidisciplinary teams will address critical healthcare challenges during the weekend hackathon: Digital solutions to improve medication compliance, Telemonitoring/telehealth solutions to improve patient access to diagnosis and treatment

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Tron Hackathon

The Tron (TRX) foundation and Justin Sun have made cyber security nn the Odyssey v2.0 MainNet platform a critical aspect in the development of the project. This was why the Foundation launched Project Genesis (TronPG) back in mid April.

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